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Top 5 Popular Money Myths

Our lives are dictated largely by habit and here-say.

We tend to make our decisions based either on our previous ones or based on the advice and anecdotes of others.

Despite the fact that we largely ignore financial education in the US, we’ve still been subject to the odd rule of thumb when it comes to handling money or making financial decisions.

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At-A-Glance Monthly Bill Calendar

At-A-Glance Bill Calendar

We get paid bi-weekly, which can make monthly budgeting a challenge.

I firmly believe in the YNAB way of only budgeting the money you have available (not what you expect to receive), but as much as I love all things YNAB, the monthly layout isn’t exactly helpful for seeing where you are at a glance, especially when you’re in the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

So I’m experimenting with my own creation this month.

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Time To Ignore The Math

Time to Ignore the Math

I tend to be a logical and analytical person so I’ve always found it difficult to make paying off low-interest debt a priority when the math tells me that the smarter play is to invest it. In the FI community, this is a perfectly valid approach.

However, despite my grasp of the numbers, I have discovered I have a huge blind spot when it comes to my actual behavior. Regardless of what I know, what I’ve done is the exact reason I needed to start this blog. Counter to my expectations, I wasn’t saving more, I was spending more.

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George Washington Money

Do You Know Your Money Numbers?

I just read this post on Rockstar Finance about The Five Most Important Numbers You Need to Know. In the spirit of transparency, and just for fun, I’m going to test myself to see what I know.

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How I Cut Our Grocery Bill By 50%

How We Cut Our Grocery Bill by 50%

I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged lately. It seems every time I look at our finances, things are moving in the wrong direction. We’ve been hit with one thing after another – car repairs, medical expenses, vet bills, more car repairs – it feels like it will never end.

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Progress Not Perfection

Progress, Not Perfection

I heard something rather profound at my son’s Taekwondo class the other day. The instructor said, “We’re seeking progress, not perfection.” One of the things they teach is there really is no such thing as

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